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Just getting the blog up and running….stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. OMG! Mr. Jack Ireland, i dont know if you remember, but in i think, 2007 you took me and my mom to Delaware Park to meet Larry Jones and Hard Spun. Im Zoe Ford, i was just in 5th grade and i had my curly blonde hair up in two braided pony tails and i wore a blue hoody with white horses all over…. i still have it hanging in my closet, even though it doesnt fit. lol. i wish i would have stayed in touch more after we went to delaware park and you came to my school and everything, you really were a HUGE impact in my life and you created a memory that will last forever. But anyways i saw about Larry Jones’ new filly and it made me think of you, i had been following your articles in the sports section, but then school work became so heavy that i didnt have time to read the news paper. 😦 So i decided to look you up on the internet and luckily saw that you have started a blog and retired from writing as a journalist. I would love to keep in touch, maybe by email or something…are you still living in Delaware? maybe my mom and i and you could catch up sometime… thanks so much for the memories. i hope to hear back from you soon!

    Zoe Ford

    • Zoe. I remember you very well. Sorry for the long delay. I took sick in November amd have just returned to my e-mails and blogs. Give your mom my best. I’ll stay in touch.
      God Bless. Jack Ireland. PS. I retired from the News Journal on Feb.18 of last year.
      I sure do miss it, especia;l;ly tye horse racing.

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